Duesenberg Effects Pedals

Introduction: Analog hand-wired vintage style effect pedals fitting perfectly into your assortment without altering your basic sound when passed by.

Features & Specification: True Bypass switching by EH USA push switch, Neutrik jacks, Epoxy PCB board, selected high value components, pots and switch point to point hand wired - not on the board, AC/DC 1x 9V battery oder 9V DC.

Red Echo: Analog vintage echo effect, up to 600ms delay.
Time: controls delay time.
Level: controls level of effect.
Repeat: controls number of repeats.

White Drive: Classic Booster and Overdrive Pedal perfectly controllable by the guitar’s volume pot while not altering the characteristics of your guitar.
Drive: controls level of distortion (pot left = simple boost function).
Tone: controls treble.
Level: controls level of output.

Green Comp: Vintage-Style compressor in classical semiconductor construction for controlable attack.
Sustain: controls duration of "Sustain".
Attack: controls "address" of compression from soft to hard.
Level: controls output of compression effect.