Duesenberg Mando Guitar

Introduction: Starting in Germany in the 16th Century, the mandola has impacted music for centuries, and now we continue the tradition the Duesenberg way.

This little beast features a 39cm scale (15.3 inches) with a maple neck set into an alder body. Mando comes with our new Toaster pickup in combination with a small Duesenberg single coil. Duesenberg Z-Tuners with round buttons and the full adjustable 12-string bridge allow you to set the perfect intonation on each string.

This new mando guitar will give you a new tool in your Duesenberg arsenal.

PICKUPS: Duesenberg Little Toaster, Duesenberg Single Coil
CONTROLS: Master Volume, Master Tone, 3-Way Pickup Selector

Duesenberg Lap Steel

Introduction: A classical 6-string Lapsteel guitar with some very "unclassical" features. Thanks our revolutionary integrated (built-in) "easy-shift" ("easy-slide") capo you can play in any scale and zero position. The Duesenberg capo can even be shifted within a song in seconds! The integrated Duesenberg Multi-Bender provides pedal steel sound, minor cords and anything you have ever wished to have from a lap steel. The two levers can be set to any of the strings (exept deep E) and can be adjusted to lower or raise the tones for more than one tone. Additional levers available!

Features & Specification: Duesenberg Multibender, integrated "easy-shift"("easy-slide") capo (slide'o'matic), roller saddles, Duesenberg Z-Tuners, mahogany body, scale: 65 cm US >> like Fender, 2 Duesenberg pickups, 1 volume control, 1 70 degree Speed-Pot tone control for "wah"-effects